Bespoke Quality at a Midwest Price

Pricing varies based on the fabric’s origin, composition, weight, thread count and more. At NL Suits we offer a wide range of durable, resilient and lavish wool suiting fabrics, such as Super 120s, 140s, 150s and wool blends. Our wool fabrics are delivered from the best qualified mills around the world, mainly Asia, Europe and England.

Additionally, any non-traditional styling options will be considered as an upcharge. We take pride in our competitive price points, and most importantly the service we provide to all our clients.

Price List

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Custom Suit

Jacket & Pants 


Jacket, Pants & Vest 


Dress Shirt

The best shirt you’ll ever wear



Jacket & Pants included with Tuxedo features   


Jacket, Pants & Vest included with Tuxedo features


Black Label



Private Parties

Private event to suit up your wedding party / corporate events